Seacoast Sales, Inc.
59 Middle Street
Portland, Maine 04101



Office:  207-883-8815

Fax:  207-536-0721

From Our Partners...

“When we first began working with Seacoast Sales in 2006, we had zero presence in the Northeast. Twelve years later, we are shipping multiple products to more than 1,500 stores in the region and that’s because of the Seacoast team. They are a true extension of our company and are committed to helping us sustain ongoing growth.”

-Jimmy Baird, Principal, Little Kentucky Smoke House

“Seacoast Sales’ dedication to product integrity and their ability to produce real results have made them a valuable partner for Cooper Farms for the last 13 years. Seacoast has been instrumental in the growth of our business during that time and they continue to challenge us to develop innovative products that both retailers and consumers love.”

​-​Roger Wellman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cooper Farms