John Haddad, CEO, Seacoast Sales​

Owner and CEO of Seacoast Sales John Haddad began his career in 1991 working with small independent retailers, local distributors and high quality food suppliers.  Early on, John recognized that representing companies that produce top quality products would be the key to sustainable success. In 2003, John ventured out on his own and founded Seacoast Sales, Inc.

Two decades later, John’s vision remains much the same. Seacoast continues to represent high quality products from suppliers who use simple, clean ingredients. The company’s success is rooted in the collaborative partnerships that John forms with food suppliers, as well as John’s dedication to knowing as much about the products he represents as the suppliers themselves. Long-term partnerships and deep product knowledge allow John and the rest of the Seacoast team to present clients’ products to retailer customers with accuracy and detail.

John’s hands-on approach and passion for high quality food has driven Seacoast Sales’ growth over the last decade. Today, Seacoast Sales’ portfolio of products can be found in major grocery stores all along the East Coast and as far west as Wisconsin. John credits the success of the company to hard work, a talented staff and the integrity of his food suppliers. As Seacoast Sales expands its landscape, John will continue to represent best in class food and beverage suppliers.

Stephanie Haddad, Vice President/Principal, Seacoast Sales

Stephanie Haddad joined Seacoast Sales in 2009 as its vice president and is co-owner with her husband and CEO John Haddad. As VP, Stephanie is the head of human resources and staffing. In a company that values quality and relationships above all, Stephanie plays the important role of ensuring that the Seacoast team and their families have what they need to do the best work possible for the company. She ensures that the hard-working people that make Seacoast Sales a success maintain the work/life balance they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Stephanie recognized early on in life just how important food choices were to her own health. As a former cardiac technician and fitness trainer, Stephanie sees the connection between exercise, clean eating and good health. Her passion for and knowledge of health and wellness help guide Seacoast Sales in determining which companies to represent.

Mike Bolduc, Key Account Manager

Mike Bolduc has worked in the food industry for 30 years. He began working for Hannaford Brothers Supermarkets in 1987 as a part time associate. He became a deli clerk there in 1989 and went on to become a deli manager, a position which he held for 15 years. Mike joined Seacoast Sales in 2014 as a key account manager. He provides daily support to all vendors and partners. Mike is also responsible for merchandising, schematics and in-store demonstrations in supermarkets throughout the Northeast.

Amanda Noone, Key Account Manager/Merchandiser

Amanda Noone brings 24 years of food industry experience to her role as Key Account Manager/Merchandiser. Amanda’s background in retail fresh food and her experience with diverse food products make her an ideal fit for Seacoast Sales. Amanda provides technical and analytical support to retail category management teams and collaborates with retailers on product merchandising and marketing strategies.

Richard Stroupe, Key Account Manager

Richard Stroupe came to Seacoast Sales from Marketing Management Inc., where he was a deli and bakery field technician for 13 years. As a key account manager for Seacoast Sales, Richard trains and educates store associates on new and existing products to ensure optimal merchandising for Seacoast Sales’ food products. He also plays a key role in product presentations and provides ongoing support to the company’s retail partners.