Food Retailers

Grocery Retailers

Our work with grocery retailers is hands on and collaborative. We help our grocery retailers create promotions, set up event calendars and coordinate in-store demos and displays to ensure that products are positioned to sell.

Market Analysis and Portfolio Management

Seacoast Sales provides key category and portfolio management to its grocery retailers through quarterly face-to-face meetings and analysis. The Seacoast customer service team manages all transportation, pricing, purchase orders and logistics for retail. By analyzing regional and national food trends, we keep our retail partners up to date and first to market with innovative products.

Product Innovation

Drawing on industry experience and market analysis, Seacoast Sales identifies opportunities for new products in specific channels and markets and then works closely with food suppliers on new product development. This ensures grocery retailers don’t miss out on new trends and positions them to react quickly to changing trends and tastes on both regional and national levels.